Tuesday, June 12, 2018

It's All About Me...

It's not like at times wrong to focus on oneself from time to time... but here in LA, we take it to a whole new level! Love this corner on my way to the downtown area Ralphs, where the fancy new, clean, and mostly young white demographic have moved in with a vengeance. It would be cool but for the coldness from this group!

Not really their fault truth be told, you might not know how it feels to have just about every homeless crack head hitting you up for a whole verity of thing at just about every stop... shell-shock to say the least. I mean it was never part of the campaign to get these young ones down here, "Live, Work, Play, Downtown LA" They just left out "Duck & Hide From the Homeless All Day!"

So how do we fix this! "I show don't know dude, can't you see that its all about me rite-now?" Now just maybe that's a bit too hard or maybe its our new standard. As "they" say, time will tell... it just feels like time is running out!
Selfie Break

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Who's Watching Who?

For some time now the aim has been to capture images while like a trap door spider I just setup my gear and wait... Got to pick a good spot first... it will become the backdrop with some body walking, talking, surfing, or whatever people these days do to fill in the blanks of a life told lived well! Just want to wait for something wonderful to happen...

This ant that shot!! This is an example from the other side of the that lofty idea of premeditating the perfect moment. This is just wanting to capture the big sleepy eye and this BMX rider unaware of his surroundings plowing right into my shot! Love dem kids! Looking back at what I had done it struck me as funny that I was watching the eye, the eye was watching the kid and the kid wasn't watching anything that he should have but was watching his phone! So much of a happy life is lived filled with beautiful mistakes! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

Amazing Relics Logo

Another winning logo design sold! This beauty didn't talk the top spot but paid I was!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Walk to the Other Side

Our last Regional Convention this past season was truly enjoyable and memorable. I made it a point to do things different than usual. One thing was to follow the large crowd of brothers as they where all walking around to other side of the pond, this is seen every time in Long Beach but never did I have the nerve to see where they all go. I left them at the hotel ( now I know for why they walk! ) and continued on I did to see what I would see and low and behold... the other side of the convention facility! Cool right!!

The Golden Hour

Working under the bridge with my Brothers & Sisters watching the world passing by... It is such a beautiful thing watching as the Sunlight leaves our world in the evening, photographers call this the Golden Hour, both dusk and dawn. The light that this place gets during this time is wonderful...

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Capturing The Light

Not the best photo by any means but for the light rays... they were captured by chance and it is wonderful to me. No Photoshop trickery but for the B&W treatment. City Hall in downtown Los Angeles.