Wednesday, October 12, 2016


Was out and about one Friday afternoon on the Santa Monica train when a vato mistook me for one from around the way. Wanted to know for all to hear how to get deep into the central part of LA, "...essay." Playing it cool like you know we do, I spit it back at em, “it'll be cool as long as you do too, even coming from deep in East LA in that Whittier Way...essay.” It was wild looking into faces that didn't quite know how to take our exchange... but no one to me felt afraid.

Los Angele is in the mist of a change like I can't recall living anywhere else. And the night life is just out of this world becoming a metropolitan city center to rival all the big players in this country of ours. I so love walking around and seeing a mix of people living their lives with so little fear in this fearful world we all live in today!

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