Sunday, November 06, 2016

Who's Watching Who?

For some time now the aim has been to capture images while like a trap door spider I just setup my gear and wait... Got to pick a good spot first... it will become the backdrop with some body walking, talking, surfing, or whatever people these days do to fill in the blanks of a life told lived well! Just want to wait for something wonderful to happen...

This ant that shot!! This is an example from the other side of the that lofty idea of premeditating the perfect moment. This is just wanting to capture the big sleepy eye and this BMX rider unaware of his surroundings plowing right into my shot! Love dem kids! Looking back at what I had done it struck me as funny that I was watching the eye, the eye was watching the kid and the kid wasn't watching anything that he should have but was watching his phone! So much of a happy life is lived filled with beautiful mistakes! 

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